World of Warcraft Addons

Kleine Zusammenstellung von nützlichen Tools und Tweaks ohne große Konfiguration. Die Einstellungen können in der "config.lua" geändert werden.
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-- Automatically accept BoP window and when looting uncommon loo

--Allows resizing of default raidframes (bigger than normal)
--Hide UnitFrame Tooltip in Combat
-- Shows an Icon of the lootet Item in your Chatwindow
-- Resize Bossframes in Raid
-- Show Target Health in Percent
-- /tt to tell to current target
-- Auto-Release corpse on death
-- Make URLs in Chat clickable to copy to clipboard
-- /gr to select the most suitable chat channel (raid for raidgroups, party in a small group, instance in dungeons...)
-- Chat Copy (Rightclick on Chattab to copy text)
-- Automatically equip chef hat when cooking profession window is open
-- Shows tooltips of items in chat when hovering above them
-- Minimap zoom with Mousewheel
-- Accepts invites from friends and guild mates, also sends a /who request of the inviter
-- Automatically accept disenchant window and when looting uncommon loot
-- Automatically shows the compare item tooltip (you don't have to hold shift)
-- Add a button to the loot frame that announces loot to raid chat
-- Filters the "gained a new ability" spam when switching spec and replaces it with a short informative message
-- Automatically sell grey items when visiting a vendor
-- Automatically repair gear
-- Display the caster of buffs on the tooltip
-- Display a list of whispers received while AFK
-- Error filter i.e. what errors NOT to show

Mit Links-, Rechts- und Mittelklick zwischen Talenten, Ausrüstungssets und angezeigten Titeln wechseln. Funktioniert über DataBroker Anzeige oder als einfaches Minimapicon.
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